About Us

Born in 2020 on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Solitas Swimwear is a eco-friendly, luxury swimwear label.
Our bikinis and bathing suits are made in Bali, where each and every piece is carefully handcrafted. We use an eco-friendly material, which is generated from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles. Our mission is to turn our global waste problem into sustainable beach fashion.  
We believe that swimwear can and should be both – fashionable and eco-friendly.
This is what we aim for. Looking good & feeling good. 
Having traveled across the whole world to the most tropical places our beautiful earth has to offer, our swimwear is inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean Sea, the serenity of the South American coastline and the simplicity of the Indonesian lifestyle.  
Our simple designs, effortless silhouettes and tan friendly cuts, embrace every woman's body and make feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.
Using highest quality, we want our bikinis to be on your side for many years. Wether you hit local beaches, explore the underwater world or simply lay in the sun. 
For a bright and sustainable future. 
Yours sincerely, 
Solitas Swimwear